The Peace Forest

The Reynders family and the Town Council joined forces in an admirable initiative to give the local youth the possibility to play about in a green and healthy environment. The project was supported by the “Association for Forests in Flanders”, the “Mayors for Peace” and “Friends of the Earth”. The design is by landscape architect Magy Sools. On Sunday 8 March 2009, a large crowd of volunteers helped planting the first of 5300 trees and 3000 shrubs on the 4100 sqm terrain.

First of all this forest is a symbol for peace and tolerance. It shall provide a safe harbor for playing children, a faraway reality in many other countries were many kids are too often injured or killed by land mines left behind after conflicts and wars. Even today!

Furthermore is will become a real play playground. Playing outside is no longer self-evident, these days. But children still need a space where they can run about. And in a few years from now, when the tender plants have sufficiently grown, the new forest will provide that much needed space.

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