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Multilayers are by far the most versatile labels. They all provide ample room for extra information and we will help you in determining which construction suits best your needs.


Today’s legislation requires that customers are correctly informed. When the space on a normal label gets cramped you can consider adding a second layer. Our “duolabels” allow you to triple the surface you can use to bring your message.


Selling your product in a number of countries implies that you must bring your message in different languages. A duolabel is an exellent construction to do so, along with all the substantial information your customer needs to know.


A message in 25 different languages is concealed within this triolabel. Specially chosen materials keep the label thin and flexible for easy automatic application. It is easy to open and it stays recloseable even after a few dozen views of the five printed sides.


Small containers that need a lot of text can be well off with a quatrolabel. A total of four layers provide 7 printable sides that make this label a perfect alternative for printed folders.


Starting with 8 and up to an incredible 24 pages, our booklets provide the ultimate solution for those who have a lot to tell… Size doesn’t matter and the information on the first page is always duplicated on the last one so you can remove the label without removing the compulsory information.


Simpler than a booklet but as effective in terms of communicator is our leafletlabel were the information sits on a number of unfoldable panels. Depending on your wishes, we make them removable or recloseable.


Leaflets come in different shapes and dimensions and they can be affixed to almost every part of your container. So don’t be afraid to experiment with eye-catching labels; the results are rewarding.