“VOID” is the generic name given to constructions that will leave visible traces of tampering when one tries to remove the label. The image can be a word but also your own logo.


Inserting “elements for electronic article surveillance” – or simply “tags” – has been one of our specialties for more than 15 years. We will integrate radiofrequent circuits or electro magnetic strips without loss of efficiency. And one step up the ladder: the same applies to all RFID-tags.


Special inks exist for ensuring the efficiency of sterilization processes by means of steam or ethylene oxyde. A clear change of colour guarantees the process quality.


For most FMCG the presence of a 2D or 3D hologram is still a reliable indicator to show end-users the difference between genuine and fake.

UV fluorescent varnish

Promotional actions in which prizes are to be won can be made a lot safer if simple security features are built into the printed information. Like the snowflake in this “stamp” that shows up under the light of a UV lamp (in this case the same device is used to check paper money).